A Few Tips for Raking Your Leaves

autumn-ergonomic-rake7 Tips for Raking Your Leaves

In the fall. the leaves that don’t end up in your gutter will be in your lawn. Leaving them in the lawn all winter is not good for your lawn. Even though it may bring back some childhood memories, burning those leaves isn’t the best option anymore, especially if you live in a municipality. So Excel Roofing would like to offer a few tips to deal with those leaves in your yard.

  1. Dont Rake. Mow.

    • Instead of raking the leaves, just get out your mower and mulch those leaves back into your lawn. This saves you from raking and bagging while adding some nutrients back into your lawn.
  2. Get an ergonomic rake.

    • An ergonomic rake will keep you from bending over while you rake. This takes some strain off your back and shoulders. Leaves won’t stick as much to the rakes with plastic tines so you won’t have to manually remove leaves from your rake.
  3. Wear gloves.

    • If you insist on raking them, at least wear a good pair of work gloves. The repetitive raking motion will cause your bare hands to blister.
  4. Rake with the Wind.

    • The wind can help you out a little when raking leaves. If you start up wind and rake with it, the wind can help move leaves into a pile. If it’s really windy you can let the wind blow your leaves into your neighbor’s yard and let him deal with the leaves. But we really don’t think that’s a good idea, and neither does your neighbor.
  5. Stomp on the pile.

    • This is a chore the kids will actually enjoy. Have them jump into the big pile of leaves to compress them into a smaller pile. A compressed pile of leaves won’t blow away as easily and also takes up less space.
  6. Use a tarp or blanket.

    • If the leaves are headed for curbside pick-up or large trash bin, the easiest way to get them there is on a tarp or blanket. Rake as many that will fit onto the tarp or blanket and drag the pile of leaves.


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