Attic Insulation for Your Denver Home

Attic insulation is an often-overlooked upgrade to a home that can drastically improve the energy efficiency, yet many people do not consider the cost-effective aspects when analyzing home improvement ideas.  Many Denver roofing companies can help.

When comparing a brand new, flashy granite countertop to attic insulation that no one will ever see, most homeowners will opt for the visible choice. However, adding a few inches of insulation throughout the attic will maximize energy usage in a big way! With a 20-inch base of attic insulation, homeowners can anticipate huge money savings year-round, on both heating and cooling bills. This is because a correctly insulated attic will help normalize temperature by maintaining cooler temperatures throughout the hotter months.

Up to 40% of heat loss through the home is through attics that are not insulated suitably, mainly because heat can escape when attics are not properly maintained. Most homes in the United States (about 90%!!!) are under-insulated, causing many people to squander power and money every month!

Call Excel Roofing today to set up a time for us to come out and present you with a no-obligation free estimate for attic insulation.


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