Attic Ventilation: Your Home Needs to Breathe

Hello. This is Eco and this is the next installment of what I think I’ll call my “frog  blog.” Last time we chatted about insulation and today the topic at hand–or three-toed foot depending upon who you are–is attic ventilation. While a lot of roofing companies only care about roofs, Excel Roofing is all about systems. And yet another important piece of the puzzle in a properly-balanced roofing system is having enough ventilation.

Just like yours truly swimming around in pond, occasionally we all need to pop up and get a breath of fresh air. And your home is no exception. When the thermometer begins to climb in the summer, if you allow that air in your attic to stagnate, the temperature inside your attic can reach a staggering 160-degrees– even though the air outside may never eclipse the high 90s! Having your own little oven up in your rafters makes it a lot harder to maintain a comfortable climate in your home, puts an enormous strain on your air conditioner if you have one and, fittingly, pushes your utility bill right through the roof.

Of course, the need for attic ventilation in the summer isn’t that hard to grasp–even if you weren’t blessed with suction cups on the ends of your digits like I was. But what a lot of people don’t understand is that ventilation is equally important in the winter. Without proper ventilation, you can end up with moisture inside your attic, and a nasty phenomenon called ice dams atop your eaves outside.

Now by no means are we suggesting you that turn your roof into Swiss cheese by putting in too many vents. Because that can also open you up for more potential places that water can intrude into your home.

At Excel Roofing, we recommend a simple ventilation system, professionally installed. We meticulously place intake eave and soffit vents in the lower portion of your attic where fresh air can enter, and ridge vents at the top of your attic where the hot air can escape. So you, your family, and your attic can all breathe a lot easier.  Don’t trust your attic to just any Denver roofing company.  Trust the pros at Excel Roofing.

It’s getting a little late, so I gotta go. You guessed it…club-hopping.


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