Excel Roofing and the Colorado Roofing Association Give Back to the Community

2993 S Oneida St (12)For 17 years Margaret Dallanbach’s roof sat in complete disrepair.  Hail storms ripped apart the shingles, the summer sun cooked them until they cracked and the wind blew the pieces all over her lawn.

“The pieces of shingle would blow off the roof into my yard and in the neighbor’s yard,” Dallanbach said.  “I’d have to walk around and pick them up after any kind of wind storm.”

Seventeen years ago she knew she needed a new roof.  Her insurance claim netted her $4000.  It wasn’t enough to replace the roof, but it was enough to help her keep her house and care for her family.

“Social security just doesn’t pay that much,” said Dallanbach.  “And sometimes you just have to put your family first.”

Before they passed away, Dallanbach was caring for her parents.  Today she cares for herself and her special needs son.  After house payments, grocery bills and heating costs, replacing her roof just didn’t seem possible.

IMG_0295“I was just never able to afford a new roof,” she said.

So for 17 years she managed to care for her family, pick pieces of roof out of the yard and do what she could when the roof would leak.   When the roof became really bad, she reached out to Bruce Stewart at Academy Roofing to see if anything could be done to replace her roof.

“I was in a position to make payments on a new roof, but I still couldn’t even afford the down payment,” Dallanbach said.  “I didn’t think this roof would ever get replaced.”

Stewart told Dallanbach about the Colorado Roofing Association Community Service Project.  Every year the CRA would award a new roof to someone who needed it, but just couldn’t afford it.  Dallanbach gave Stewart permission to submit her roof to the Community Service Project.

“We’ve been doing the project for over 16 years now,” said Debbie Hathorne, Executive Director of the Colorado Roofing Association.  “At first the projects were just word of mouth referrals.   Ten years ago we had to form a committee to pick the project.  It had become popular but we still wanted to give a roof to the right person.”

The CRA would look at many cases where people were underinsured, no insurance, financial issues and pick someone who could benefit the most from having a new roof.   When they saw Dallanbach’s roof and heard her story, they decided to award her a new roof, gutters, insulation and attic ventilation.

“I was thrilled!  I never thought I’d get a new roof and just couldn’t believe it was actually happening,” said Dallanbach when she learned of the CRA award.

To give Dallanbach her new roof, a team of local business contributed to the project.  Roofing Supply Group and Tamco provided the roofing materials, Kelly Woods delivered them, B&M Roofing tore off the old roof and Black Roofing installed the new one.  Big Horn Rain Gutters replaced her gutters.  Excel Roofing gave her insulation and attic ventilation, secured the permits and oversaw the project from start to finish.

“Deep down, roofers are the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met,” said Hathorne.  “They are always willing to donate a roof to people in need.  I know roofers get a bad reputation, but if we can give back to the community it helps to dispel the bad roofer myth.”

Dallanbach doesn’t have to worry about her roof or pick pieces of her roof out of her yard anymore.

“I am just so grateful and thankful to everyone who helped make this possible,” Dallanbach said.  “I still can’t believe it’s happening.  I didn’t think I’d ever see a new roof on my home.”

roof before and after



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