Finding the Right Roofer after a Hail Storm

jb-ownerFinding a good roofer after a hailstorm can be challenging. All of the sudden the roofers come out of the woodwork. There are so many choices it’s hard to decide. This makes it difficult for homeowners. The question is “what do I need to know to make the best choice”.

There are some guidelines that if a homeowner knows, they can save themselves a lot of grief.

Guys knocking on your door should be treated with extra caution. This is the way most storm chasers get their business. Just because they’re storm chasers don’t mean they’re bad guys, but it does mean that next year they will be off to the next storm. And if you have problems with the roof they installed it may be difficult to get them to come back and fix the leak. Look for a local company who has a track record. The chances of having a successful roofing experience are better with a local company.

Another red flag is if the roofer immediately asks to meet the adjustor, or is too pushy about seeing your insurance paperwork. Most good companies are willing to measure the roof, and provide a written estimate without seeing your insurance paperwork.

Many companies will offer to replace the current roof for what the “insurance allows”. While this is not necessarily bad, a homeowner should explore their options. You should find out how much a hail resistant roof will cost. Many insurance companies will offer you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium if you have a hail resistant roof. Call your agent to see if they offer such a discount.

Lots of roofers can be lazy and don’t inform homeowners that the home does not have enough ventilation. We have learned over the years that inadequate ventilation causes lots of problems like hot houses, mold, ice dams and other problems. Most homes do not have enough attic ventilation. There should be air inlets by the gutters and exhaust vents on top of the roof. Shingle manufactures have a specific requirement for adequate attic ventilation. If the attic is not vented properly then the shingles tend to “bake” and the manufactures warranty can be voided. Make sure your home is adequately ventilated.

The deal breaker should be if a roofer asks for money “up-front”. Never pay anybody money before the work is completed and you’re happy. Most every deal that goes bad involves a homeowner giving money to a roofer in advance. Don’t pay for material in advance. If a contractor does not have enough credit to perform your job, you should go elsewhere.

By following these guidelines you should have a good roofing experience. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.


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