Insulation Q&A with J

Q: What is the pay back for insulation?
A: Heating and cooling your home accounts for 50% of your utilitybill. So if you see a 30% reduction on your monthly utility bill, 30%times half your bill would be your savings.Let’s say your home needs $2000 of insulation. Your monthly bill is$230. That means $115 is spend heating and cooling your home. Afteryou insulate your bill drops to $160. Now it only costs $80 to heat andcool your home, a savings of $35. The insulation will pay for itself inabout 4 1/2 years.
Q: When is the best time to insulate?
A: Right now! For a limited time, Excel Roofing is offering $250 off a complete insulation job or $1000 off with purchase of a complete roof. If you are replacingyour roof, it is very easy to add insulation. Our method is to run a hosethrough the roof and into the attic and blow in a layer of fiberglass insulation.This avoids having to run heavy machinery and hose throughyour home and into your attic.But any time is a good time to add insulation to your home. Insulation will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Q: Why should I choose fiberglass insulation over cellulose?A: Cellulose (ground paper) will settle over time and reduce your R-value. Fiberglass will maintain its R-value much better. Fiberglass will not hold moisture. If it does get wet, it simply dries out and returns to its original R-value. Cellulose is simply ground up paper. While it is treated with a fire retardant chemical, it is still paper and will still burn when exposed to flame.


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