Is Your Attic Properly Ventilated?

attic vent blogProperly ventilating an attic is very simple. But this simple process is often overlooked when a roof is re-done. The roof on your home requires a well-ventilated attic. In fact, poor attic ventilation will void the roof manufacturer’s warranty due to the excessive heat the roofing materials have to endure. Most roofers ignore the importance of attic ventilation; they just want to put on the new roof and move to the next job. Excel Roofing strongly believes that each and every attic should have proper ventilation.

So just what is ‘proper attic ventilation?’ That’s easy! For every 150 square feet of attic space you need 1 sq ft of ventilation. To calculate this, just take the square footage of your attic and divide that number by 150.

The concept of attic ventilation is also very simple. You want 50% of the air to flow into the attic from the bottom of the roof line by the gutter, and you want 50% of the air to exit the attic at the peak or ridge of the roof.

There are many different types of attic vents available for your home. As long as you have a combination of soffit vents (vents below the roof, near the gutters) and ridge vents (vents at the peak of the roof) your home will achieve the 50:50 ratio and be in good shape. But like everything in life, there are good products and better products.

Excel Roofing likes solar powered attic fans. These attic fans are installed near the peak of the roof and use the sun’s energy to draw the air from the bottom of the attic and out through the top. We like them because they actively work to move air through the attic, plus they don’t add a penny to your power bill.

Attic insulation is another important component in the roof system. But that’s another story.

To get the absolute coolest home possible you will want to check these three things:
• Use an energy star rated shingle that reflects heat away from the roof (light colored roof)
• Maximize the amount of attic insulation (R49+)
• Utilize an active attic ventilation system with the proper amount of vents

The combination of these three things will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. And it will save you money on your power bill!
If you are considering a new roof or attic ventilation, call Excel Roofing and we will get it right.



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