Loading In to the Colorado Garden & Home Show

Future home of Excel Roofing's booth
Future home of Excel Roofing’s booth

Today we started setting up our booth for the Colorado Garden & Home Show.  That meant loading all of our displays into a U-Haul truck and driving down to the Colorado Convention Center.  We have a 20 ft x 20 ft booth so there’s quite a lot of things to bring.  We have a gutter display, an insulation display, tile shingles, solar shingles and asphalt shingles.  So all of it was loaded up and taken to the Convention Center.

Years of attending the home and garden show have taught us a few things.  One of these things being: set up early.  If you wait too long, getting your truck inside the convention center to your designated spot becomes very difficult.  There are hundreds and hundreds of vendors trying to do the same thing you are.  And there are hundreds and hundreds of staff members trying to assist this process.  At some point the Law of Diminishing Returns kicks in and everyone just gets in everyone’s way.

But not for us!  It’s 10:00 am and the convention center floor is relatively empty.  Sure, there’s some action.  There are a couple of other vendors who are smart like us setting up their booths.  But mostly it’s the gardeners.  Lots and lots of gardeners.  There are always 6-10 live gardens in the home and garden show.  They are always really elaborate, really big and really beautiful.  These guys get in before anyone else because they have a ton of work to do before the curtain drops this weekend.  So there’s dump trucks, front-end loaders, flat-bed trailers and other trucks coming and going.  And dirt.  Lots and lots of dirt.  What happens when dirt mixes with water?  Mud!  It snowed today too, so all the trucks are bringing in snow that melts on the floor leaving puddles of water everywhere.  The clean-up crew were busy cleaning up those puddles.  We left a good sized one of our own.

All of our booth stuff.
All of our booth stuff.

We’ve found our spot.  We get the electrician to give us our power cable.  And we get the nice couple to put our carpet down.  It took a bit to get this done, but we’re early so we can’t complain.  It still beats the cat herding that is sure to take place tomorrow.

The second thing we’ve learned is to drop our stuff in our booth and go.  Why?  So we don’t pay U-Haul any extra money.  It will take us a few hours to get everything set up just right.  All that time our U-Haul is parked and the figurative meter is running.  The other reason is that anything set up on Wednesday will have to be re-positioned.   There’s just too much traffic and too many people and too much going on between now and Saturday to believe that nothing will happen to our booth between then and now.

So that’s just what we do.  Unload our booth stuff and return the truck.  We will come back on Friday to set up.



The 55th Annual Colorado Garden & Home Show
February 7 – 15
Colorado Convention Center
General Admission $12
Excel Roofing Booth #469

It's empty(ish) now . . .
It’s empty(ish) now . . .
One of the many gardens being installed.
One of the many gardens being installed.
Usually you park your motorcycle in the garage.  But they're just students.  They'll learn.
Usually you park your motorcycle in the garage. But they’re just students. They’ll learn. 

Dirt.  Lots and lots of dirt.
Dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.


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