Preparing Your Swamp Cooler for Warmer Weather

Swamp_Cooler_CutawayAs the weather begins to warm, homeowners start thinking about keeping their homes cooler, rather than warmer. Swamp coolers are a popular appliance for cooling a home due to their low energy costs. Swamp coolers work by pulling air through a fiber filter while water flows over the filter. A fan pushes the cool air throughout the home. Before turning on the swamp cooler for the first time this year, it should be cleaned thoroughly.

Swamp coolers need to be maintained. Throughout the year, they collect dirt, dust and other gunk and that crud will get sucked right into your home. No one want to breathe a year’s worth of swamp cooler build-up. Not only that, but your home will have a pungent odor. So let’s get started.

First, unplug the swamp cooler. Since you will be opening it up, it’s best to unplug the unit to avoid a nasty shock. Turn off the water valve as well.

Take the back panel off and remove the filter. Inspect the filter. If it is brittle, the filter won’t absorb enough water to cool your home. Replace the filter if necessary. In fact, replacing the filter every year makes a big difference.

Next, remove the drain pan. Scrub it out using a wire brush and a combination of water and vinegar. Scrub the vent blades and the fan blades. This should remove any calcium build up in the swamp cooler.

Unplug the drain fitting on the water reservoir and unscrew the overflow tube. Rinse the reservoir with a combination of vinegar and soapy water. Connect a garden hose to the drain fitting and flush the unit. Replace the overflow tube and drain fitting.

Inspect the belt that runs from the motor to the fan. Replace the belt if it appears cracked or worn. Lubricate the motor and fan with some lubricating oil. Clean out any debris in the bottom of the swamp cooler.

Reassemble the swamp cooler by re-connecting the reservoir and inserting the drain pan. Spraying the filter pads with a mixture of water and scented oils can add a refreshing and relaxing scent to your home when the swamp cooler is running.

Turn on the water valve and let the reservoir fill up. Make sure there are no leaks. You are now ready to turn it on and enjoy!


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