Roofing Scams Exposed: The Hidden Contract

roofing scamsHere at Excel Roofing we love an educated consumer.  The educated consumer can make informed decisions and protect themselves from bad products, unfair pricing and shoddy workmanship.  Over the next few weeks, we will be taking a look at some of the scams and shortcuts that occur in the roofing industry.

After a hail storm it is very common for roofers to target homes that were in the hail zone.  They go door to door and ask people if they would like a free roof inspection.   The roofer says his company works with all the major insurance carriers.  He simply needs your signature on a document that allows him to get on your roof and talk to your insurance company. Sounds like a good plan, right?  It did just hail and your roof just might be damaged.   So you sign the document.

Did you read it first?  Well if you had, you would have seen that you were signing a roofing contract.  Not only did you let the roofer get on your roof and talk to your insurance company, but you also just promised him that you would hire his company to replace your roof.   If you change your mind there’s probably a hefty cancellation fee somewhere in the fine print.  Now you are stuck with this roofer who will probably leave town as soon as the next hail storm hits.

You do have an out, however.  In Colorado there is a three day right of rescission.  This allows you to cancel any contract within 72 hours as long as you signed the contract in your home.  No cancellation fees, no penalties.  If you do plan on cancelling, it is a good idea to send it via email so you have the time stamp as proof.  If email is not an option, use certified mail.

At Excel Roofing, we offer free roof inspections with no obligation and no strings attached. We will never ask you to sign anything until you are ready to choose Excel Roofing as your next roofing company.


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