Roofing Scams Exposed: The Re-Cover

roofing scamsHere at Excel Roofing we love an educated consumer.  The educated consumer can make informed decisions and protect themselves from bad products, unfair pricing and shoddy workmanship.  Over the next few weeks, we will be taking a look at some of the scams and shortcuts that occur in the roofing industry.

Getting  a new roof requires a few days and creates a big mess.  But you we’re smart and hired a roofer who promised to be done in a day and leave your property with no mess.  So you leave in the morning, return in the evening and you have a beautiful new roof on your home.  Your lawn is immaculate and you couldn’t be happier.  So what’s the scam here?

The roofers installed a new roof on top of your old one, replaced the drip edge for a clean and new look and called it a day.

The roofers are supposed to tear off the old roof, install the underlayment and then the new roof.   This process maximizes the life of your new roof.   Simply covering the old roof with the new roof means it will age faster, crack in the heat, lose granules and become highly susceptible to hail and wind damage.  Tearing off the old roof also allows the roofers to inspect the wood deck.  If your decking is in bad shape, it’s so much easier (i.e. cheaper) to fix it before installing a new roof.

Roofers do it because it saves time and money.  They can get more roofs done if they don’t have to tear off an old roof first.  They will even remove the first few row of shingles to eliminate the mounding or stacking effect.

This roofing scam isn’t quite as common as it once was.  Storm chasing roofers will try to get away with this trick to maximize their profits.   Roofing companies who are local will always tear off your old roof before replacing it with the new one.


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