Roofing’s Perfect Storm

Don't think this roof is getting replaced today.
Don’t think this roof is getting replaced today.

Looks like winter came early this year!  Lots of snow and lots of cold temperatures make it easy to forget that winter doesn’t officially begin for another month.  Mother Nature doesn’t always follow the Gregorian Calendar, but roofers have to follow the weather.  So how does winter weather affect roofing companies?

Short answer: it makes life difficult!  Asphalt roofs simply cannot be installed in cold weather as the adhesives won’t set properly.  Any roofing job that was previously scheduled will have to be rescheduled.  When a bunch of cold weather days get strung together, it really puts us behind.  The snowy roofs also mean it’s harder to walk safely on a roof.  Many times a roof will need to be shoveled off before work can begin.   And if it’s windy?  Forget about it!  Windy days are no roofing days.

The days are also getting shorter.  Scheduling becomes more difficult because once the sun sets, roofing stops.  Jobs that normally could be finished in a day may need two days.  This problem is compounded when jobs need to be rescheduled.  Simply finding the time to perform the job becomes a problem itself.

Now let’s mix in a tough hail season like this last one where we saw multiple hail storms every month, including a very damaging storm on September 29.  Now we get Roofing’s Perfect Storm: late season hail, early season snows.

If you need a new roof and can wait until spring, you are better off waiting.  We will take great care of you in four months.  If you can’t wait, give us a call!  We will get you taken care of and make sure your roof is done right.


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