Solar Powered Attic Fans = SAVINGS

The most exciting thing to hit your roof since your neighbor’s Frisbee®: the Eco Series Solar Powered Attic Fans.  Excel Roofing is a Denver roofing company that knows a thing or two about attic ventilation.

A while back, I told you about all the great benefits having a solar powered attic fan will bring you. Like keeping your attic cool–and the rest of your home with it–absolutely free courtesy of the sun rays. But now the news is even more exciting. Because now Excel Roofing has its very own proprietary Eco Series Solar Powered Attic Fans. Naturally, named after little old me–your favorite frog blogger.

Designed to fit the size of your roof perfectly, the Eco Series 100, 200 and 300 are by far the best solar powered attic fans in the business. For starters, these bad boys are built with aircraft grade aluminum, so they can withstand the worst that Mother Nature has to throw at them. And even though they run whisper-quiet, the high-powered German-manufactured motor and the precision-balanced aluminum blades provide the highest possible output of air. In fact, these fans can completely exchange all of the air in your attic 20 times per hour!

The fans also come equipped with a thermostat that won’t kick on until the temperature in your attic reaches 80 degrees, but also kick off when it hits 228 degrees which happens to be the heat of fire. Because the last thing you want if you have a fire in your attic is a fan feeding the flames.

The solar panel that’s mounted to the top of the dome is adjustable so you can maximize the reception of the sun’s rays. But you also have the option of a remote panel, in case you’d like to place it in another spot for aesthetic reasons. Plus, we powder-coated the aluminum a light gray color so that it would be easy for you to paint. In case you wanted to match the color of your home–or mimic the look of your favorite multi-colored frog, for that matter!

Don’t worry, your frog-friend Eco is still considered the coolest at Excel Roofing. But these new Eco Series fans are definitely giving me a run for my money.

solar powered attic fan denver


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