How Excel Roofs Are Holding Up

Excel Customers Experiencing Little Weather Damage

Scott Howald, Colorado Springs branch manager for Excel Roofing, was recently interviewed for a KRDO news story regarding the January 9th wind storm in the Springs.

Out of the 100+ roofs Excel Roofing replaced, only 12 shingles were blown off by the storm. He attributes the roofs’ durability to the Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles.

Excel Roofing primarily installs these shingles because we feel that they seal down better than any other shingle. OC TruDef Duration shingles are rated to withstand 130mph wind and come with a manufacturer warranty. Scott upgrades all his customers to the OC TruDef Duration shingle and says that installing the better quality product definitely pays off.

Watch the KRDO news story

In the pictures below, you can see that the roof Excel installed is fully intact, whereas their next door neighbors are dealing with some pretty significant damage and blown off shingles.

Other homes nearby were not roofed with OC TruDef Duration shingles or weren’t installed properly, resulting in the heavy wind damage. The only damage our customers did have was due to uprooted and fallen trees on roofs and gutters.

We replaced this home’s roof in Security-Widefield. Even after 100mph wind force, the roof is in great shape! However, this home does have some damage from fallen trees.


The gutter was damaged by a tree that fell on it, but no shingles were lost due to wind.


Check out this house next door to the roof Excel Roofing replaced; the roof is in rough condition after the wind storm, but our customer’s roof withstood the storm and looks great.


Excel replaced this roof in Security-Widefield. Four trees were uprooted by wind, but not a single shingle was lost.


Another home in the Security-Widefield, but Excel Roofing did NOT install this roof. Notice the blown off sections of shingles. 

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