What is The Best Product to Use for My Roof?

Roofing Materials Guide

The 3 most common types of residential roofing products are Asphalt Shingles, Concrete Roof Tiles, and Stone Coated Steel Panels. Each of these 3 products has proven themselves over time. All of them perform well and keep the water out when installed correctly.

The most apparent difference between these roofs is the aesthetics, specifically the “thickness” of the material. Asphalt shingles look relatively “thin” and you don’t see much of the shingle unless you have a steep roof. Concrete tiles, and Stone Coated Steel have a “thicker” look to them. This will be noticed on both a steep and low slope roof.

The costs between the materials can vary greatly. Asphalt is generally the most cost effective, and Stone coated Steel is the most expensive, with Concrete Tile in between. The steepness of your roof will also add to the price. A steep roof that cannot be easily walked is going to cost more to roof. Another factor that causes the cost of the roof to increase is the “difficultly factor”. If the roof has many different angles, and dormers, this adds to both the material needed and time required to complete the roof.

An important factor to some homeowner’s is the “walkability” of the roofing material. You can practically dance on an asphalt roof, and not damage it. However, if you walk on an Asphalt shingle when it’s 90 degrees out, you’re going to scuff the shingles. Concrete tile can be carefully walked on, but only the lower 1/4 of the tile should be stepped on. Concrete Tile will crack and break if stepped on wrong. These tiles are relatively easy to fix. The cost is about $25.00 per tile. A handy home owner can easily change tiles themselves, see our video at Excelroofing.com/change.roof.tile Stone Coated Steel has a similar walking area, on the lower 1/4 of the panel. If the Stone Coated Steel is stepped on wrong, the panel will dent, similar to stepping on the hood of a car. This should be avoided at all costs as the steel panels are very difficult to repair. If your roof is going to be walked on, on a regular basis, Excel Roofing recommends an Asphalt Shingle.

A new roof will add value to your home. If you’re going to sell your home, a 5 year roof certification will have to be done. Not only will a new roof will add to the curb appeal of the home, it will eliminate the hassle factor of trying to get an old roof certified. The best immediate benefit of a new roof is the possibility of an insurance discount. If you choose a hail resistant roof, one that has a “class 3 or 4”, certification from Underwriters Laboratory, you could get up to a 25% discount on your homeowners insurance. You should call your Insurance Agent and ask about the possible discount associated with a hail resistant roof.

Some people shop for a new roof, like a new car. They go for the cheapest deal and assume that their all put together the same, they’re not. Buying a new roof is like buying a dissembled car and having somebody put it together for you. Just like mechanics, some roofers are better than others. When you choose a roofer find one with a proven track record. You want the roofer to be around in the future in case there’s ever a problem. Excel Roofing has been in business for 21years, and always honors its warranties. Above all else, never pay any one any money until the job is complete and your happy. If somebody asks for a down payment, scratch them from your list. If you would like an estimate or just some free advice give us a call we would be happy to help you.



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