The Door-Knocker Roofing Scam

There are dishonest Roofers

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Imagine this…

It’s the morning after a big hail storm. You think your roof may have been damaged, but you’re not sure what to do. Just then, there’s a knock on your door and you’re deluged with roofing deals and seemingly all too good offers. What do you do now?


Free Inspection and Authorization

The most common tactic of the door-knocking roofer is to offer a “free inspection.” For most unsuspecting homeowners, it sounds like a great idea: a professional at their door who is willing to check the condition of the roof (they always find damage). And unfortunately, there’s more to the deal.

The roofer will ask the homeowner to sign an “authorization” that allows them to get on the roof.

This is not an authorization to get on the roof, but actually a binding contract.

And it just keeps getting worse; this contract will authorize the roofer to contact the insurance company and meet the insurance claim adjustor on the homeowner’s behalf.

Meeting with your Insurance Adjustor

In certain instances, having a roofer meet a claim adjustor can be very beneficial for a homeowner. For example, if a roof has been totaled and there is a discrepancy in the type of material or size of the roof; having a roofer meet an adjustor can resolve things quickly.

However, having a roofer meet an adjustor on an initial roof inspection, when it is questionable there’s even damage, can cause the adjustor to become defensive and create an adversarial situation.

Intentionally Damaging Your Roof

A very unscrupulous tactic that some roofers will employ is to intentionally damage a roof before the adjustor inspects the roof. Insurance companies know this happens and will sometimes set-up “sting” operations and videotape suspect roofers “creating hail damage.”

One of the most respected hail damage engineering companies, HAAG Engineering, has a chapter in their roof inspection manual called the “Ball Ping Hammer Test.”

This chapter is devoted to educating claim adjustors on how to identify roof damage that was deliberately caused. Needless to say, a lot of roofers will say whatever they need to in order to get the job, and some even resort to illegal acts to get a roof totaled.

Overall Dishonesty

The problem with this situation is that the homeowner, in most instances, is not going to get honest information about their roof from the “Door-Knocker.”

Instead, they’re pressured into calling their insurance company for an inspection, regardless if there’s damage or not. The thing the roofer won’t tell the homeowner is that when a homeowner requests a roof inspection; they most likely will get a claim on their record!

This is bad news for homeowners because it adversely affects their CLUE score (read more about CLUE Reports).

However, the roofer doesn’t care! This is nothing more than a “roll of the dice” for the roofer. Sometimes they win, and sometimes they lose; it’s just part of the game.

It’s the homeowner who loses in this deal. They end up with a claim and have nothing to show for it. The best thing a homeowner can do is call a reputable roofer for an honest roof inspection. And most important, never sign anything until you are sure you are ready to hire this contractor.

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