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Excel Roofing is a top Roofing contractor in Denver, which has been in business since 1993, 33 years!

J Bretz founded Excel Roofing to specialize in bringing customer service to the roofing industry. Since then, Excel has completed more than 45,000 jobs. The reason for this success is our dedication to customer service. When you use Excel for your remodeling project, you can “Expect the Very Best” 

1993- Partnering with Tom Martino

In 1997 when consumer advocate Tom Martino decided to go online with his website called, “Troubleshooter.com,” Excel Roofing was there with Tom Martino on day one.

Not only was Excel Roofing one of the founding members of the website, we were the first roofer. Since the inception of the referral list, other companies have come and gone; we, however, remain.

When Tom Martino needed a new roof and gutters, he used Excel Roofing. Our philosophy on how to treat customers is the same as Tom Martino’s. It’s very simple: Treat each customer the way you want to be treated.

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