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When you’ve received your Excel Roofing bid and are ready to proceed, it’s time to file your roof claim. This is where Excel Roofing, well…excels.

Roof insurance claims can be a complex process. Having been around for almost 30 years now, we personally know many agents all the major insurance carriers in Denver and Colorado Springs. They know us too! If you were to ask your agent, “Which roofing contractor do you recommend?”…chances are they would say Excel Roofing!

Excel Roofing knows how to simplify your insurance claims process, and will get you a fair settlement. Let us do the heavy lifting—we live for this stuff.   

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Roof Inspection

An honest roof evaluation is critical. If you contact your insurance provider prematurely and don’t end up having any roof damage, chances are you’ll still get a claim. Start your roof inspection process with Excel Roofing where you’ll get a thorough and truthful roof damage assessment. 

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