Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Roof

hailstorm (Small)Hail is coming.  As sure as the sun rises in the east, a hail storm (or two) will hit our area this summer.  If a hail storm hits your home, what is the next step?  Do you call a roofing company or your insurance company?

You call a trusted roofing company like Excel Roofing and have them inspect your roof for damage.  In other words, don’t let a roofer who knocked on your door come and inspect your roof.  They always find damage.

The trusted roofer you called will come out to your home and inspect the roof.  If it’s hail damage, he or she will start circling the hail bruises with chalk.  If there are 10 bruises in any 100 square foot section, the roof is totaled.  After the inspection, the experienced roofer will advise you to file a claim or not.

Once the inspection confirms roof damage then, and only then, should you call your insurance company.  If you call your insurance company first and the inspection reveals no damage or not enough damage, you still get a claim on your insurance record.

After a trusted roofer has confirmed roof damage, call your insurance company.  Tell them your roof has been inspected and you have roof damage.  They will send an adjuster to perform an additional inspection.  Now assuming you didn’t let some door-knocking roofer take a look at your roof and actually called a reputable roofing company to inspect your roof, the adjuster will come to the same conclusion as the roofer.

The adjuster will provide an estimate of cost and materials to replace your roof.   This estimate will have a few key areas:  your deductible, replacement cash value, depreciation and actual cash value.

Depreciation is the amount of your settlement that is not paid until the work is completed. The depreciation check is usually sent after your roofing contractor submits a final invoice. This allows the insurance company to adjust payout based on the roofing contract. Your insurance company will keep any depreciation monies you didn’t spend while getting your roof replaced.

If the insurance claim isn’t handled properly the claim could be denied, costing you thousands of dollars for a new roof.  The insurance company is only obligated to pay for a new roof when significant damage is present. Excel Roofing knows this process and has a proven track record of working with insurance companies to get your claim settled and roof replaced.  We will make it simple, stress-free, we will be here to honor all warranties and, of course, you don’t pay a cent until you’re content.




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