Solar Powered Attic Fans

The environmentally sensible solution

Solar Powered Attic Fan Benefits

  • Proper venting cools your roof, extending the material life
  • Reduces the load on your air conditioning system
  • Powered completely by FREE solar energy
  • Fully operational right from the box, and installs easily with no electrical wiring
  • Qualifies for 30% tax credit
  • Best industry warranty: 25 years on the housing, solar panel, and moto

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Become a fan of Solar Powered Attic Fans

Here at Excel Roofing we are huge ‘fans’ of solar powered attic fans.  The typical attic ventilation is passive, meaning the hot air slowly moves through a covered hole in the roof.   

This movement is affected by changes in wind speed and temperature.   

The problem with passive ventilation is we just don’t know how much air is being moved.   If you are the kind of homeowner who doesn’t just settle for the passive solution then you are the kind of homeowner who would also be a fan of a solar powered attic fan.   

Passive air convection can only do so much to remove the hot air out of the attic.   

Air convection occurs when air begins to heat up and rise.  This action moves air out the top of your attic, but does so quite slowly and ineffectively.   Many people think when the wind turbine spins they pull air out of the attic.   

They don’t.   

The reason they spin is to keep the rain out.  These vents are prone to mechanical problems and really don’t work when the wind doesn’t blow.  Wind turbines were not designed for our region.  A fan is clearly a better solution.


A powered attic fan will pull hot air out of your attic, making your home more comfortable. .

A solar powered attic fan is an attic fan powered by photovoltaic (solar) cells.  The fan sits on top of your roof and is powered by the sun.  Once the attic temperature gets hot, the thermostat turns on the fan and pulls the hot air out of your attic.   

The attic fan uses soffit vents which are already installed in your home, so the only installation necessary is the fan itself.   

Because the fan provides its own power, it doesn’t cost anything to run.  It can also provide some relief to your air conditioner.  A solar powered attic fan also qualifies for a federal tax credit.   

The purchase price and the installation cost will get you a 30% tax credit.   

So there’s money to be saved by installing a solar powered attic fan.   

Solar powered attic fans are super quiet when the fan is running.  Customers have had us inspect the fan after installation to make sure it is running.  They always are.  The solar cells can be positioned to receive the maximum amount of sunlight.   

The best time to install an attic fan or attic vents is during a new roof installation.  If you want more information on solar powered attic fans, call Excel Roofing and we will be happy to help.

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