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Roof Repair

If you know your roof was damaged by hail this is what you should do:

  1. Call your insurance and file a claim.
  2. Contact Excel Roofing for a bid.
  3. Hang a No Door Knocking Roofers sign on your front door.
  4. Don’t sign anything. Door knockers are often dishonest and contracts have a 15% cancellation fee.
  5. Never give a Roofer cash up front! At Excel You don’t Pay A Cent Until You’re Content.
  6. Be patient, you have a year or more to fix damage.

If you need help filing an insurance claim, Excel Roofing can help you begin the process. Give us a call!

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Roof Insurance Experts

Your local roof insurance expert is here to help. Allow us to offer you a free, no-strings-attached roof inspection and give you a fair and honest estimate.

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What happens next?

After your insurance company has been notified of the sustained roof damage, you will be given a claim number by your insurer. The claim examiner will assign a claims adjuster to make an official roof inspection and prepare a repair adjustment.

This adjustment will have a few key areas: your deductible, replacement cash value, depreciation and actual cash value.  

The word “depreciation’ is confusing the way insurance companies use it.  A more descriptive term would be “hold-back money”. This is money that your insurance company will pay you after all of the roof repair work has been completed.  The homeowner will lose this money if they do not make repairs, or file for a claim extension within 12 months of the date of damage. Also, if the full amount of the adjustment is not spent the claim will be reduced to the actual amount spent, and the homeowner will not receive the difference in cash.


Reading an insurance settlement can be very confusing.  At Excel we are pros at this and will review the paperwork and make sure it is fair and covers everything.  If the insurance claim is not covering all of the damage Excel Roofing can help. We are experts at this. We will work with your adjustor and provide him all of the necessary documentation regarding codes and other requirements to ensure that you get the money necessary to make all repairs.   


If your roof is damaged you might want to check out different roofing materials and most likely hail impact resistant shingles.

Excel Roofing knows this process and has a proven track record of working with insurance companies to get your claim settled and roof replaced. We make the process simple and stress-free and will always be on your side to honor all warranties.


Choose Excel Roofing to replace your hail damaged roof.  We will give you a written bid with a price. It’s unbelievable how many contractors won’t even give the customer a price.  They say “we’ll do it for whatever the insurance allows”. It’s stupid. Most of the Door Knockers do not know how to measure a roof, and calculate a price.  Excel does not have cancellation fees, if you change you mind we’ll let you out of the contract. We do ask customers to pay for the building permit if we’ve already bought it.  


Best of all, You Don’t Pay A Cent Until You’re Content.  In the 27 years Excel has been in business we’ve heard countless stories about homeowners being ripped off by Roofers.  Almost all of the stories involve the customer paying the roofer money up-front. Never pay a roofer any money up front, your just asking for problems.

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Be able to identify when your roof might have hail damage. You might need a roof repair!

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