Asphalt Shingles

Impact Resistant Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most economical roof covering in United States.  They have a fiberglass center that is saturated with asphalt granules, applied to both the front and back of the fiberglass.  Asphalt shingles are also available in Class 4 hail impact resistance. Impact resistant shingles have either a reinforced backing or a specialized asphalt polymer—a rubber-like material more resistant to hail damage. 

As a certified installer for each of these manufacturers, Excel works with only the best asphalt shingle materials. 

Concrete Tile

Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Value

Concrete tile roofs are not only versatile, they can add stunning beauty to your roof. Concrete tile comes in a variety of looks, such as slate, shake or terra cotta tiles. Since they’re made from concrete, they can be molded into any shape or size, and come in a variety of hues and colors. Denver Concrete tile roofs are also durable and fire resistant.

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Synthetic Roofs

Synthetic roofing materials refers to manufactured products that replicate asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, metal panels, slate, wood shakes and wood shingles. Synthetic roof coverings contain recycled plastic and/or rubber as a key ingredient.

One of the benefits of synthetic roofing materials is their light weight. Synthetic slate, or “fake slate,” for example, weighs substantially less than natural slate. The reduction in weight allows synthetic slate to be installed over conventional roof decks. Some of the synthetic roofing materials are available as Impact Resistant Class 4.

Stone Coated Steel

One Tough Roof

A stone coated metal roof is made from steel or some other metal that is coated with stone chips and attached to the steel with an acrylic film. The goal is a more durable roof that still retains the aesthetic advantages of more traditional roofing materials. Unlike other roofing materials, a stone coated steel roof offers superior durability—it won’t break, curl, split, crack, warp, or absorb water. A stone coated steel roof is incredibly lightweight and can be installed without worry on most houses. 

Stone coated metal roofs are available in Impact Resistant Class 4

Flat Roof

Commercial Flat Roofing Products

Excel Roofing offers commercial roofing, generally referred to as low slope (flat) roofing services.

Excel is a certified installer of Modified Bitumen roofing products & TPO. These products have the reputation of being the best commercial roofing materials available. 

Excel does not install full roof coatings. Roof coatings are applied over failing low slope roofs and cost almost as much as a full roof system. Roof coatings are only a band aid covering up a failing roof.

Metal Roofs

Knowing the Different Types of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs can provide a very strong roof that will last for many years. Excel Roofing installs all types of metal roofs.

The most important thing to consider about a metal roof is where the snow and ice fall off the roof. In addition, understanding the difference between “concealed” and “exposed” fasteners will help you understand which type of metal roof you need.

Excel Roofing does not recommend metal roofs for structures where the snow and ice may land on a walkway or driveway.

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