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Rain gutters are easily overlooked as to their importance.  The damage that can be done from improper drainage around the home can be costly.  If you have questions about you rain gutter system give us a call.

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Rain Gutters

Proper Roof drainage is critical to prevent damage to the foundation of your home.  Its best is to direct all water at least 4 feet from the perimeter of the building.  This is especially important in areas that have expansive soil.  Something that most home owners do not know is if clogged gutters cause a basement to flood, this is not covered by insurance.  There are many options when it comes to rain gutters. There are different sizes and materials available. Your Excel Roofing Project Manager is an expert and can recommend the right kind of drainage system for your home.

Rain gutters come in many different styles and materials.  The best gutters are the ones that will catch and re-direct the water away from your home in the heaviest downpours.   

5 inch aluminum gutters are the most common. These are preferred for most homes, they are cost effective and do a great job.  Another possible option is 6 inch gutters. 6 inch gutters are commonly used on buildings that have large roof areas such as churches.  Another practical use for 6 inch gutters is when the roof material is elevated, such as a Spanish “S” Tile. 

Any time the roof is elevated there is a greater chance that the water will overshoot the gutters in a heavy down pour.  6 inch gutters are the best solution for this situation.

The next consideration is the size of the downspouts. 2 x 3 inch downspouts are the most common, and work well for most homes.  Anytime 6 inch gutters are going to be used, larger 3 x 4 downspouts should be used. The larger downspouts are needed to handle the capacity of the water flow that is carried by 6 inch gutters.

Gutter Materials:

Aluminum gutters are the most commonly used type of gutters. Aluminum is corrosion resistant, lightweight and will not pull the trim boards off the home.  

Steel gutters are stronger and heavier, but will rust.   

Copper gutters are much more expensive and usually only used in specialty applications. 

Plastic or Vinyl gutters are cheap, and can be easily broken. 

Excel Roofing recommends seamless aluminum gutters over steel because they hold up well, melt the snow and ice faster than steel and will never rust.

The reason that you should drain the water at least 4 feet from the building is because of potential damage to the foundation of your home. Proper drainage protects your home from soil erosion, basement flooding, and all of the damage as a result of expansive soil that gets wet, expands, breaks foundations, and causes the home move resulting in structural damage.

At Excel, we care about protecting your home just as much as you do. This is why make sure that our water systems always drain away from your home, which prevents problems. Our downspouts extend at least 4 feet away from your home and our underground drains always direct water away from your home. We often deal with gutters, downspouts and underground drains that are clogged and systems that are simply not designed right. That’s why we put a key focus on doing things right the first time.

Excel Roofing Seamless Rain Gutter Services

Excel Roofing provides Denver’s best rain gutter installation, replacement and gutter cleaning services. Clogged, leaking, and improperly draining gutters can cause damage to your home and its foundation.

Overflowing gutters and downspouts that cause your basement to flood is truly a disaster. One that is not covered by insurance. 

Excel Roofing installs seamless 5 & 6 inch rain gutters. Our seamless gutter machine creates custom seamless gutters, specifically for your home, at your home!

Why seamless gutters? Fewer seams mean fewer leak and failure points.

For more information on our seamless gutter systems click the link: Seamless Rain Gutters

Clogged Gutters

Plant material such as seeds, cones, twigs and leaves can build up over time and lead clogs in rain gutters. Buildup of these materials can also lead to animals such as rodents and wasps nesting in your gutters. Buildup can also prevent water from moving through, and the added weight can lead to warped or sagging gutters. Winter can also result in challenges for your drainage system, such as snow buildup or ice dams, which can also lead to leaks and damaged or warped gutters. 

Here are a few options to prevent storm drain backups:

  • Have your storm drainage system installed by an experienced expert like Excel Roofing
  • Have your gutters cleaned at least once a year after the leafs fall (this is the best solution to gutter clutter)
  • Gutter covers are an option but they are very debatable because they can cause rain to overshoot the gutters and can contribute to Ice Damming problems
  • Gutter screens are another option to protect you gutters, however these screens need to be cleaned every few years. 

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