What Is the Best Time Of The Year for Roofing?

Fall is the best time for Roofing

Fall is the best time for to get a new roof, get a roof replacement, or any other type of roofing work.

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Fall is the busiest time of year for roofers and the best time FOR roofing.  Cooler days and less rain combine to provide ideal conditions to replace a roof.  The dryer days make it easier to schedule jobs and keep projects running smooth and on time.  

Homeowners that need a new roof usually want one before winter sets in. Others may have an old insurance claim with a chance of losing depreciation on the claim.

Or perhaps the homeowner simply put off the roofing for the better part of the year.  All these factors add up to roofing’s busy season.   

Because fall is a busy time for roofing contractors, some people may anxiously rush into a contract.

Don’t feel rushed!

Take your time, select the right contractor, and remember these 3 tips:  

  • Get all roofing details and promises in writing
  • Don’t ever sign a contract with a cancellation fee
  • Most importantly, never give a contractor any money up front

The reputable roofers will mostly likely have a backlog at this time of the year, and that’s okay.  In fact, a roofer who says he can get to the job right away is a red flag.  In fall, the good, reliable roofers have a wait list, and your job may have to be done after the frost has arrived.

Don’t worry.

We roof all winter long and rarely run into problems. Because Excel Roofing has been in business for over 24 years, we know how to roof in winter.     

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