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Electric Fans

Electric fans are wired into the home’s electricity. Normally these fans will have a thermostat to turn them on and off and can also have a humidistat which will turn the fan on when it detects a high level of moisture.

The best thing about this type of fan is that it will run even in the dark. Electric fans must have the electric circuit installed by an electrician.

NEW Electric fan

Solar Powered Attic Fans

Solar powered attic fans are easily installed and don’t require any wiring. The downside of a solar powered attic fan is that it will stop running when it is cloudy or dark outside.

The system needs to be balanced.

Adding multiple types of attic vents will “short circuit” the system and can cause less ventilation in the attic. For example, a ridge vent and static vents should never be mixed.

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Solar Attic Fan Picture

Whole House Electric Fan (not good)

An attic fan ventilates only the attic, not the entire home. Attic fans should not be confused with a “whole house fan.” A whole house fan pulls air from the inside of the home and pushes it into the attic.

Generally this causes the whole house to be hot.

The best system is to keep the conditioned air in the house and separately ventilate the attic. At attic fan is the best way to ventilate an attic. The reason why is because we can measure the amount of air the fan moves. An attic fan can move up to 1200 cubic feet on air per minute. That is roughly about 1200 balloons of air per minute.

Whole House Fan Picture

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Solar Powered Attic Fan Installation

This is a 30-watt solar powered attic fan by Natural Light. This solar powered attic fan circulates over 1600 cubic feet per minute. Our crew installed the solar powered fan to ventilate this customer’s attic.

30-watt solar powered attic fan by Natural Light

Proper attic ventilation is crucial to the effectiveness of the entire roof system. Ventilation through your attic helps to lower the temperature by up to 40 degrees, reducing the costs of cooling your home in the summer. Attic ventilation also helps to avoid problems in the winter like ice dam formation or condensation.

Installation in progress

To properly ventilate an attic, 60% of the open venting should be below around the eave, and 40% of the open venting at the highest point of the roof line like with a solar powered attic fan. It’s important to remember that only one of type of vent should be used for each application or the system will short-circuit itself.

Solar powered attic fan installation


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