Homeowner Roof Inspection Checklist

hail damage roof

Homeowners should get this information from anybody that inspects their roof.

1. How many hail bruises per square is the roofer finding?

  • A square is 100 square feet of roof.
  • It takes 8-10 hail bruises per square to total a roof

2. How many squares is the roof?

3. What is the replacement cost for a hail resistant roof and a standard roof?

IMPORTANT: Never sign anything unless you are sure you want this person to replace your roof.  Never pay any cash until the job is finished and you are satisfied.

If you aren’t sure your are getting an honest assessment of your roof, please contact Excel Roofing for a free, no obligation estimate.  We will always provide a thorough and honest inspection of your roof.

Click Here to Download the Checklist


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