I have a leak in my ceiling what should I do?

I Have A Leak in My Ceiling What Should I Do?

  1. Get a bucket to catch the water.  If a large area of ceiling is leaking, a tarp can be hung from the ceiling creating a large funnel draining the water into the center of the tarp to a bucket.
  2. Use a screwdriver to make a hole through the drywall for the water to drain.
  3. Call Excel Roofing for help.

Estimates are Free.  Excel’s minimum charge to work on a roof is $350.00.  Our average roof repair cost is $600.00.

After extreme storms when there are holes through skylights or the roof tarps are used to stop further water damage.  Installing temporary tarps can be extremely dangerous, never get on a wet roof without proper safety equipment! As part of our roofing services, we provide emergency tarp services at an average cost of $500.00.  Insurance will normally pay for the cost of emergency services.

The most common indicator of a moisture problem is spots or discoloration on ceilings and walls.  Not all moisture problems are leaky roofs. About 30% of the moisture problems we see are not roof leaks.

There was so much condensation in this attic Icicles were forming on the nails!!  This was caused by the Homeowner using a humidifier at too high of setting, and poor attic ventilation.  The water spot on the ceiling looked like a roof leak, but was really the result of attic condensation.

A water test is the best way to identify a roof leak.  This is normally done with one person spraying water on the roof, and another person in the attic identifying where the water is coming in.

Once it’s confirmed the roof is leaking, get it fixed to prevent further damage.  Most homeowners should call Excel to fix the problem. Getting on roofs is dangerous, and requires specific knowledge to fix the leak.  This is how we do it. Excel will diagnose the problem, and give the homeowner 1 price to fix the problem. We will guarantee our work for a year, and if it leaks during the warranty will come back and fix it no charge.  If our fix does not solve the leak, we’ll give you your money back.

Keep your Gutters Clean

Clogged gutters are often mistaken for roof leaks.  Excel Roofing has been called many times because Homeowners think they have a roof leak.  The water will be leaking behind the gutters, through the soffit, and into walls because the gutters are clogged.  If you have trees around your home you should have the gutters cleaned twice a year. Once in the March before the spring rains, and also in Late October after the leaf’s have fallen off the trees.  Excel has not seen a gutter protection system that works effectively in Colorado and Wyoming. Gutter protection magnifies ice problems and our opinion is they cause more problems than they are worth.  Check out our gutter cleaning services.

Ice Dams

As the snow melts, the water runs down the roof, where it is stopped by the snow that hasn’t melted on the cold overhang. The result: an ice dam at the overhang that backs up the water, causing a leak in your house.

Shoveling the roof, and removing the Ice dam, and applying ice melt to roof and gutters is the best immediate solution.  Excel offers roof shoveling services. Roof shoveling average cost is between $500.00 and $1,000.00 based on $75.00 per man hour. The time is calculated from when the crew leaves the Excel shop to their time back.

Electric Heat Cable is a solution for roofs that have Ice Damming problems. 

The best long-term solution for a problematic roof that has chronic Ice Damming problems is a cold roof.  A cold roof is a system that has a dead air space between the attic decking and the roof decking. Applying electric heat cable to cold roof systems are a good idea for a backup option in extreme conditions.  If gutters are installed on a cold roof system it is required for the gutters to be heated with Heat cable.

The most important maintenance tasks to reduce and potentially avoid roof leaks are:

1.  Clean your gutters in the spring and fall

2.  Make sure ice dams are removed in the winter

If you have any questions or concerns call us at Excel Roofing and we’ll send an expert out to inspect your roof.  We have been dealing with leaky roofs and other roofing issues for years and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done!

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