Insurance Deadline Changes

Insurance Deadline Changes

by J Bretz

It seems like with every hailstorm there’s new and different twists that happen within the roofing industry. One of the recent changes we are seeing is insurance companies are being very strict with their timelines. Checks that insurance companies have previously issued had a 180-day validation period; however, now some insurance companies are only giving customers six months to repair damage. Another new trend that we are seeing is a strict one year limit on insurance claims. Any claims for damage that occurred more than 365 days ago are being denied by some companies.

The takeaway as a homeowner is to make sure you understand your insurance timelines! If your home receives hail damage, have a qualified roofer like Excel Roofing inspect the roof and help determine if you should call your insurance company and file a claim. If there is not sufficient damage the homeowner should not call the insurance company. It is very important to understand that if you call your insurance company, you may receive a claim whether you receive payment or not!

Excel Roofing is extremely familiar with the insurance claim process and can handle the claim for the homeowner from beginning to end.  Excel Roofing uses the same software that insurance adjusters use to estimate the cost of the damage and can accurately estimate how much the insurance company should pay – this eliminates a lot of wasted time in getting a fair settlement.  Because of this excel roofing can accurately estimate how much the insurance company should pay which can eliminate a lot of wasted time getting a fair settlement.

If you have a question about the condition of your roof, please call Excel Roofing for an honest roof inspection. Excel Roofing will help you determine whether to file a claim and help you through the process. You don’t pay a cent until you’re content!

J Bretz, Owner
Excel Roofing

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