Independent Roof Inspectors Could Be Your Hero!

Independent Roof Inspectors Could be Your Hero!

Many times, our clients’ roofs have been damaged, and they get them done by different contractors. The homeowner notices that the roof is being installed incorrectly. They brought us in to see what was done incorrectly. After we have inspected the job, all we can do then is recommend a roof consultation.

As a homeowner have you ever watched a bad roofing project in progress, and you’re not sure of what to do?

Follow these steps to help contact and find a way to get an Independent Roof Inspector.

Benefits of Independent Roof Inspectors

Roof Inspectors are experts who can provide a homeowner with peace of mind that the roof condition is okay. They can do this by checking the roof after a storm or serious damage to the house.

Independent Roof Inspectors go to the site and reevaluate what the contactors have done on the site. The Inspectors will check thoroughly what is being done correctly or not.

What to Do When You Hire an Independent Inspector

Here are some things to Follow while you make your decision.

An Independent Roof Inspector will have an unbiased report of what has been done to the roof.

Keep the report and go over it carefully. This report can be used in court. You can also use the report to come back to any roofing company or be referred to one, and get it done correctly.

Do exactly what is specified in the report. Figure out any additional cost for the new roof or deduct in money for the failed project that could be used for the new project to do it right.

Google and do your research for good Roof Inspectors. You want to get the job done right and hopefully the first time.

Many roofing companies say they have their own roofing inspectors. You DON’T want to use those people. Those are more biased companies that would rather have their company do the work, maybe even take cut shortcuts. Picking separate ones will benefit you, and making sure it’s inspected right.

If you have any questions, call us at Excel Roofing. We are happy to help you with any roof inspection questions or guide you through where to go next. Or if your Roof Inspection leads you here, contact us to replace it the correct way!

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