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Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is critical to getting the most life out of the roof covering.  Attic ventilation also play a large role in keeping the home cool in the summer, and the prevention of condensation and Ice Dam problems in the winter.  Attic ventilation is an important part of the roof system. The 3 components of the roof system are Roofing Material, Attic Ventilation, and Attic Insulation.  Attic Ventilation is a key component in this system.

Attic ventilation is a simple concept.  The fresh, outside air should enter the attic preferably on the lower part of the roof, and then exhaust the hot or moist air near the upper part of the roof.  It’s best to have 50 to 60% of the vents low and 40 to 50% of the vents as high as possible.

3 Things You Should Know about Attic Ventilation

1. An improperly vented attic can reach a temperature of up to 160 degrees when the outside air temperature is in the 90s. Proper ventilation can reduce the attic temperature by as much as 60 degrees.

2. An under ventilated attic will “cook” asphalt shingles, and cause them to prematurely fail, this will void manufacturers warranties.

3. A properly ventilated attic will make the house cooler, and cost less to Air Condition.

attic ventilation during winter months
During winter months, proper ventilation prevents moisture from getting trapped in the attic and causing problems.

attic ventilation during summer months
During summer months, proper ventilation cools and reduces the heat penetrating the home, through the attic.

Attic Exhaust Vents

There are many types of vents used to exhaust attic air. The important thing is to not incorrectly mix too many vents of different types. This is often done by overloading the upper roof with vents, and not providing enough air inlets. The term for this is called, “short-circuiting the ventilation”. This can actually cause the attic to become hotter! Click here for more: Fans and Ventilation

Slant Back Roof Vents have closely spaced louver openings allowing for exhaust air.

Solar Powered Attic Fans move a tremendous amount of air and have almost silent operation.

Ridge Vents are a great way to vent all attics and the only way to vent attic cavities on a vaulted ceiling. Ridge vents help prevent snow from blowing into the attic.  Ridge Vents are never allowed below a pitch of 4/12!

Wire Powered Attic Fans have a control box that turns the fan on at a set temperature, or if moisture is in the air.

Gable Vents

gable roof vent air flow

Gable vents are another way to vent an attic. However, the usually don’t prevent enough ventilation on their own. The best way to get adequate ventilation with gable vents is to install an electric gable vent fan at one end and create an “air tunnel”.

Air Intake Vents

Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are installed into the underside of your home’s eaves (soffit). These vents allow fresh air from outside to be drawn into the attic.

Cutting in & Installing New Soffit Vent

Eave Vents

Eave Vents are the simplest way to vent a home without proper soffit vents.  These vents should be installed on both sides of the house and should run the entire length. Eave vents must also be installed above any insulation.

installing eave vent under shingles

Proper Attic Ventilation

Ensuring your home has proper attic ventilation is an important step in the roof system. At Excel, our roofing professionals are educated on proper ventilation techniques and they care about the comfort of your home just as much as you do. If you plan on getting a new roof, updating or adding to your ventilation is a good plan. If you need a free inspection you should contact an A+ rated BBB company like Excel Roofing.  

At Denver’s best roofing company, “You Don’t Pay A Cent Until You’re Content”!  If you have any questions, or need an estimate schedule an inspection with the cool roofing experts at Excel Roofing

Receive a half-price solar-powered attic fan for $500, with the purchase of a full roof. Normally $999.


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Excel Roofing is the only roofing company I would trust and recommend to others. Kevin M. is extremely helpful and professional at all time with his experience and knowledge.
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I highly recommend consulting with a true roof insurance expert like Excel Roofing, as there are a lot of details one can easily miss if not in the field on a regular basis.
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Omar came out and repaired some of our inside ceiling where the nails lifted the drywall. He is an amazing worker, a master at his job. Ask for Omar as he is a real asset to Excel Roofing!
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This company has gone way beyond my expectations. Thank you Jay and especially thank you JR for doing such a great job, being dependable, on time and affordable.
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Troy Lindsay and his team did a great job installing a new roof. They even worked with me when I wanted a solar-powered attic fan installed and helped me size and choose one.
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These guys are top notch! You will not find better service anywhere!! Thank you Excel!!
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I would absolutely recommend Excel roofing for any roofing, gutters or painting. I plan on using them again for any future claims.
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Eric the project manager answered all calls and e mails promptly, addressed any concerns, and followed up on small issues. Good looking roof, no headaches or stress on my end.
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The building inspector said this was one of the best roof jobs she has seen, she was very impressed. I highly recommend Excel Roofing for roofs, siding, and windows. I could not be more pleased! Look no further.
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Matt Foster was our Project Manager. Matt was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He was involved from the estimate through the final inspection. Excel Roofing did an outstanding job.
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Troy and his crew were outstanding. He explained the details every step of the way. They gave us a job date and completed on time.
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Unlike the other companies who bid my roofing job, Excel (Brock) was not pushy and the deal did not have to be signed before he left the house. I am extremely pleased.
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Love Chris, had my best interest in mind during the entire roof replacement process. He was able to rush the job for us given that we were nearing the closing date of the sale of the house.
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Throughout the process I had one point of contact at Excel (Brock). Brock managed the entire process so that I didn’t have to do a thing. I will recommend Excel to everyone I know
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I would have given 5 stars. Giving 4 because of how hard Matt worked to get project finished and they were priced very reasonable compared to other roofing companies.
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Troy and his crew went above and beyond for us. Working to help us navigate insurance claim. Great job, on time, on budget, house looks great. Couldn't be happier! Highly recommend Mr Troy and his crew!
Bob Andersen
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wonderful company to work with.. from the initial call for someone to come look.. the project manager Bob was at the house within an hour.
Mindy Densmore
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They showed up on time, determined the problem, showed us a video of what to do to prevent it in the future and and took care of it immediately. I highly recommend Excel.
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I definitely recommend and will use again. Chris the project manager was very quick to respond and quite reliable. Overall, a great roofing experience.

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