What If Shingle Granules Get In My Gutter?

Question: When I was cleaning my gutters over the weekend, I found asphalt shingle granules in my gutter.  It looked like a lot to me. Do I need to fix my roof or replace it?

asphalt shingle with granule loss

Answer: Probably not. The granules on shingles just get loose over time.

Wind, rain and snow will cause them to come loose and collect in your gutters (or at the base of your downspout).  The granules coming loose and falling into your gutters is perfectly normal and the term for it is simply “fall-off.”

The granules are added to asphalt shingles as a protective measure against UV rays and also as a fire retardant.  These granules are constantly exposed to the elements and that means there is just no way they will all stay stuck to the shingles year after year.

In fact, washing a brand new asphalt roof will cause a lot of “fall-off” to build up.  So if you find a buildup of granules in the gutters or on the ground, don’t panic!

However, if your roof is an older roof it would be worth your time to just walk it and take a look.  If you see shingles where most of the granules are gone, those shingles will need to be replaced. The granules provide a layer of protection and without them, the shingle is left exposed and will deteriorate quickly.

It is normal to see asphalt shingle granules in your gutters or even on the ground. This does not necessarily mean that your roof is unhealthy or in need of repair or replacement.

If you are unsure and think your roof may need an inspection, contact Excel Roofing and we will let you know the condition of your roof — at no cost to you! Excel Roofing is a roofing expert, and knows when the shingles are too exposed.

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