Ridge &
Eave Vents

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Ridge Vent

Ridge Vents

A ridge vent is a slot cut into the peak of the roof with a plastic vent covering on top of it. A ridge vent is ideal for homes with vaulted ceilings.

Ridge vents can also be the answer to prevent wind-driven snow from blowing in to the attic.

Eave Vents

Eave vents are slots cut along the lower edge of the roof that allows air to enter the attic. In order for the ridge vent to work properly, there must be a clear passageway for the air to enter the eave vent and exit through the ridge vent.

And remember that the system needs to be balanced. Adding multiple types of attic vents will “short circuit” the system and can cause less ventilation in the attic. For example, a ridge vent and static vents should never be mixed.


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