Spring Cleaning Lists Should Always Include Your Gutters

Spring Cleaning Lists Should Always Include Your Gutters

Gutter Inspection

A gutter inspection should be a part of everyone’s spring chores as a clogged gutter will only cause problems if left unattended.  So get out and inspect and clean those gutters before the April showers bring May flowers.

Unless the debris is piled high in the gutter, most gutter clogs won’t be visible from the ground.  You may see the effects of a gutter clog after it damages your home.

Gutter Clogs

clogged gutters with gutter cover

Often times a clogged gutter will cause the water to seep over the back of the gutter and into the fascia board.  If you see signs of moisture behind the gutter this is an indication of a clogged gutter. Water can damage the fascia, soffit, the siding and even leak into your home and damage the drywall.

This damage happens slowly and can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you know it.

A basement that has been flooded due to clogged and overflowing gutters is a disaster!  To make matters worse this disaster is not covered by insurance.

Overflowing water can also collect around the home’s foundation.  Water against the foundation of a home can cause the soil to expand and contract breaking the foundation of your home.   Moisture in your basement can lead to problems with mold.

Clogged gutters and downspouts tend to be the primary cause of these problems.

During a rain shower the water in a clogged gutter will overflow.  This can lead to problems such as washed-out landscaping and cracked pavement.  Ideally, the water will flow down the downspout and drain away from your home through a tipout.

The tipout is the extension on the end of a downspout and should move the water at least four feet away from the home’s foundation. Splash blocks can also be used to divert the water away from your home.

Either method works, just make sure the water is not running back towards your home.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is a dangerous job.

If you are not comfortable working off of a ladder for several hours, hire a professional.   Excel Roofing offers a gutter cleaning service.

Our standard rate is $299 for a one story home, $399 for a two story home and $499 for a three story home.

Above all, don’t ignore your gutters! A clogged gutter system can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage.   It’s easy to get wrapped up in other springtime projects, but make sure those gutters are doing their job.

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