A Flat Roof Case Study

A long-time local business owner, and previous customer of Excel Roofing, was in need of a roof estimate for his commercial property in Denver. He received bids from two other roofing companies, but wanted another opinion. He started working with Glenn Summerlin, Excel Roofing’s flat roof expert, who inspected the roof and provided the customer with 3 options: 2 estimates for full reroofing projects and 1 estimate for a GACO Silicone Coating.

The customer had not been advised of this third option by either of the other companies, so Glenn explained that it was an alternative to replacing the roof. Instead of tearing off and replacing the flat roof, the roof would undergo a process of being thoroughly cleaned and resealed with the durable and seamless GACO Silicone Coating.

The customer ended up choosing the GACO Silicone Coating option because of its many benefits.

  • The GACO Silicone Coating extends the life of the roof, instead of having to do a full roof replacement.
  • The reroofing options would have cost the customer about $25,000. The GACO option only cost $12,900, almost a 50% savings.
  • Applying the roof coating saves time and waste. This project only took three days to complete, and with no tear off, there’s very little waste to this job.
  • 10-year leak guarantee (see below)
Gaco Coating finished product

10-Year Leak Guarantee

Because Excel Roofing is a certified GACO applicator, we were able to offer the customer a 10-year leak guarantee for a nominal fee.

A 50-year manufacturer material defect warranty also came with this installation, meaning that in the next 50 years (if any of us are still around) the manufacturer will provide prorated compensation if the material fails.

Perfect Candidate

It’s important to note that this customer’s roof was a perfect candidate for a GACO coating. GACO roof coatings can only be applied to TPO (plastic), EPDM (rubber), modified roofs, and metal roofs.  As has happened in the past, the other companies didn’t offer a roof coating option to the customer; an option that gives customers almost 50% savings over the reroofing option.

We’re glad we were able to provide this customer with a different solution to his roofing needs.

In addition to the savings, the installation of the coating system only takes about three days to complete; about half of the time of a full roof replacement. This time savings means less disruption to the owner and his business.


Applying a roof coating isn’t as easy as going to Home Depot, buying a bucket of coating and slapping it on.

In order for the coating to be properly installed, the old roof needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and all the seams need to be thoroughly checked. If any seams are found that aren’t 100% bonded, they need to be re-bonded before the GACO coating is applied.

After this is done, the entire roof area needs to be primed. Only then is the final roof coating ready to be applied. If these steps aren’t carefully followed, the system can fail.

To learn more about roof coatings and flat roof options, call Excel Roofing today.

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New Gaco Coating finished product

The crew installing the primer coat .








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