Asphalt Shingle Color Problems & Warranty

Excel Roofing replaced a Black CertainTeed roof in September. Our Project Manager as well as our customer quickly discovered that there was a color problem with the asphalt shingle.  When there’s inconsistency with the color of your roof shingles, who is responsible?

Color Inconsistency

Normally if you run into a coloring problem with your new asphalt shingles, it defaults to the roof shingle manufacturer. With today’s roofing material manufacturers, color blends are better than ever. However, sometimes there can be an issue, especially with the darker asphalt shingles. Dark roofs can exaggerate and show color inconsistencies the most.  In this case, the shingle manufacturer told our customer they had to wait 60 days before making a determination to warranty the deal. These situations are handled differently depending on the manufacturer. Excel Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, and we get preferential treatment in resolution with Owens Corning products. CertainTeed is pretty good at resolving customer issues, and we hope they will resolve the situation to the customers’ satisfaction.

Warranty Coverages

Generally, a standard asphalt shingle warranty covers the cost of shingles. However, the cost of a full roof replacement can be up to 4 times that amount. When replacing a defective roof, other things must be taken into consideration like the cost of tear off, disposal, new underlayment, new flashing, building permits, and the labor to install the new shingles. Specific warranty coverages differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Excel Roofing thinks the best warranty in the business is the Owens Corning Platinum Protection warranty. It covers 100% of the materials and labor.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like an extended warranty is worth the money, but if a homeowner is unlucky enough to end up with a defective roof, the extended warranty will certainly make life simpler.



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