Get to know Mark Lewis

For the last twenty years, Mark has been a contractor performing home handyman repairs, and in 2009, began his journey in the roofing industry.  Although Mark is new to Excel Roofing, he brings extensive experience in construction sales and project management.  He loves meeting with new clients to clearly explain the construction process and how insurance claims work.

Detail oriented, focused, and professional, Mark will work hard for you to create the best experience possible.  Whether it be during the inspection process, the claim process, or the construction phase, Mark will be there for you with a positive attitude, a smile on his face, and a willingness to help.


Mark specializes in asphalt roofing installations, so whether you have an old house in Denver or a newer home in Highlands Ranch, he will certainly know the best roof to install on your home.  Mark is also a Certified Roof Inspector with over a decade of experience, having inspected thousands of roofs.  If there is damage on your home, Mark will know if you qualify for a claim or just need to perform a repair. 

For all your roofing needs, you can trust Mark will be there for you every step of the way.  His maturity and expertise will certainly make you feel comfortable knowing you have the right man for the job.

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