What Makes Roofing Material Hail Resistant?

hail damage roofWhen talking about hail-resistant roofing materials, an important distinction needs to be made immediately: hail-resistant does not mean hail proof. Installing a hail resistant roof on your home does not mean your roof will never be damaged by hail.

The roofing material has been given a Class 3 or 4 rating by the UL 2218 test, therefore it is less susceptible to hail damage from an average pea-sized hail storm. Simply put, the manufacturer has produced a stronger roofing material.

But what makes these impact-resistant materials stronger? These materials essentially look the same as a standard roofing shingle. Each manufacturer has its own methods of strengthening the material.

The Owens Corning Duration Storm is a class 4 asphalt Roofing shingle. Class 4 Impact resistance is achieved from an integrated polymeric backing feature of the shingle. This means that the back of the shingle is super strong, and will not easily crack from hail stone impacts.

DaVinci manufacturers alternative and synthetic roofing materials. DaVinci Impact Resistant shingles are made from engineered polymer. These materials are then laminated and layered three times. This added layering creates thickness and offers greater protection to the roof.

Boral manufactures concrete roofing tiles and their Impact Tiles are developed with a mix of concrete and synthetic strengthening agent. These tiles are tested with frozen ice balls shot from a cannon to simulate a hail storm. In the hail test, 2 inch ice balls are shot at 70 mph directly at the tile.

Hail resistant roofing offers the benefit of extra protection to your home. It is also important to understand that a hail resistant roof can still be damaged by large, wind-driven hail. The roof will be protected against an average hail storm so the chances of a damaged roof claim are much smaller.


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