Need A New Roof? You Might Be Better Off Waiting until Spring

Why Spring Time Is the Best Roof Replacement Season

Start the claims process right away on damaged shake roofs.
Start the claims process right away on damaged shake roofs.

If your home was damaged by any of the summer’s hail storms, chances are you were barraged by a seemingly endless line of roofing companies wanting your signature on a roofing contract.

Hopefully you were diligent and just didn’t sign up with the roofer who made the better promises.

If you haven’t signed a roofing contract at this point, your best option is to wait. That’s right, just sit tight and wait until spring.

Unless you have damage that needs immediate attention – a leak, exposed decking, etc. – then waiting for the warmer weather will is the best option.

The run of hail storms along the Front Range means roofing companies are busy . . . like months out busy.

So if a roofer says to you they can fit you in tomorrow or within a few days, he’s either lying and plans to string you along, or he’s a storm chaser just here for the quick cash.  Either way, it’s bad for you and your home.

Best option?


Roofing in winter presents a challenge.

Roofing projects need to be scheduled when the weather is warm enough for the shingle adhesives to set and dry.  Excel roofs year round and has been since 1993.  We know how to roof in winter and have done thousands of roofs in winter months.

Even with that skill and knowledge, we would still advise homeowners to wait until spring.

What’s better about Spring?

An asphalt roof that has been damaged, but not severe enough to cause immediate problems, will hold up until the warm weather returns.  The damage to an asphalt roof becomes more apparent as time goes by.

roof-repair-winter-snowWaiting until spring will allow the roofer to see any other potential problems your roof may have.

If you have a damaged shake roof, however, you should start the claims process as soon as possible.  The marks and split wood on freshly damaged shakes will age in a month or so, and hail damage will be harder to see and prove.

You can still wait on the roof replacement as the roof will hold up through the winter, but you will want to start the claims process right away.

If your insurance company has already approved your roof for replacement, you have a year to use the claim.  Even your insurance company wants to make sure you take your time and choose the right roofer and the right time of year.

Don’t feel rushed!

Don’t let the door knockers pressure you, don’t feel like you have to squeeze the roof replacement in before winter and don’t worry.  Your asphalt roof will hold up until spring.  And you will be much better off having waited for the warmer weather.

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