UPDATE: The ‘Fake’ Excel Roofing is Still Doing Business

There is a roofing company called ‘Excel Roofing & Construction’ that is not affiliated with Excel Roofing in any way.  We have asked the owner to change the name and are now pursuing legal action.  A few years ago we were granted a Federal Court order against ‘Excel Roofing & Construction’ ordering the owner to change the name.  Instead of changing the name, he simply sold the company to someone else.

Listen to J talk about this situation with Tom Martino (Oct 7, 2014)

If you aren’t sure you are dealing with the REAL Excel Roofing, just ask for a business card or look for a truck.  All our Project Managers have business cards and trucks with Eco the red-eyed tree frog prominently displayed. Or just call us and ask!  303-761-6400

You can read copies of our legal documents here:



Excel Roofing and the Eco Logo are Federal Trademarks.


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